18 04 2008

Last night I was feeling pretty restless, so I decided to hike into the woods behind my house. The air inside was warm and stolid, and as I stepped outside I could smell the sweetness of cherry blossoms coming in for the spring. The winter cold I had felt accustomed to was gone, and in its place new life had stepped forward.

Light in hand, my feet crackling through the twigs and the underbrush, I walked until I could no longer hear any sound but the wind and my own breath. I found a clearing, and it was there that I decided to rest for a while. I sat on a slight incline that seemed as if it were made for me to be there, and I emptied my mind of everything. Occasionally some pseudo-philosophical or limerent thought would cross my mind, but for the most part, I was completely gone. I laid down on a bed of pine needles and stared into the sky, and felt every breath coming in and out of me. For a moment at least, I had left the world behind. Most of all, I was glad that I had found a place to think.

After a while, I decided to let my thoughts trickle back a few at a time. I thought about everyone I knew, and what I would say to them if they were there. I thought about where I would go in the outside world, and how I would live if I stayed. I wished that I could have a fire.




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18 04 2008

So there you go Steve. Takin’ it one step at a time.

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